ONAN Booster X3 4WD


ONAN Booster X3-4wd   –  Onan X3  ONAN Booster X3 4WD – 2.400 Watt – 30 KM/h  – 25 Km Range – This Drive will stoke you!!

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ONAN Booster X3 4WD

ONAN Booster X3 4WD – The new 4WD motherboard will uses FOC technology, which makes the ride experience very smooth and comfortable, whether acceleration or braking, you will not feel sudden. You can split your 4WD into two 2WD and share it with a Friend.

Speed: 20 Km/h oder 30 Km/h
Maximum range:
Up to 28 Km at 70kg
Maximun gradient:
up to 30%
Motor Typ:
4 x 600 Watt brushless electric motor
Wheel size / durometer:
80 mm / 82 a
Maximun rider weight:
110 Kg
2 Samsung Lithium Ionen 36 V 4.4 Ah 158 Wh
Charging time: Maximum 2 hours
Battery life:
Minimum 1000 times charge
Best operating temp:
15° to 28°
Equiqment: -2x  Drive with 2 Motors
– 2x Lithium Ionen Battery
– 90a Barrel Bushing
– 80mm 82a Wheel
– 2x Remote Controler
– 2x 2A Battery power adapter
– Sk8 Tool
– 2x Mounting srews
– Allen wrench
Brake: Regenerative braking without noise
385mm  117mm   55 mm
Waterproof: IP65
Net weight: Each Drive 3,6 Kg
Gross weight: Each Drive  4,8 Kg – including battery


Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht 18 kg
Grösse 80 x 50 x 15 cm
Wheel Color

Orange, Green, Blue, Black